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  • Fr. Sean Kilcawley

I was recently interviewed by Patrick Coffin on Catholic Answers Live. It was a one hour show in which I took questions from people coming from different perspectives (spouses; individuals; parents). I hope this show will be a blessing to you.

  • Dr. Peter Kleponis

  Bill and Christine called my office deeply distraught about their fifteen year- old daughter, Shannon. They had caught her sexting with her boyfriend. That is, She was taking nude photos of herself with her cell phone camera and emailing them to her boyfriend. When confronted about it, Shannon’s response was “What’s the big deal? Everyone does it. Besides, it’s […]

  • Fr. Sean Kilcawley

My eight year old was exposed to porn online! What do I do? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon question. Just the other day I received a call from a concerned mother who discovered her children were both exposed to internet pornography on the family’s tablet computer. The first thing to do in this case […]

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How do I as a priest address porn from the pulpit? I don’t want to scandalize the young and innocent.

Addressing pornography, and all sexual sin, from the pulpit is definitely a daunting task. As priests, we stand in the tension between proclaiming the truth about the danger to souls posed by pornography and the fear of scandalizing those who are innocent. Sometimes we can even fail to teach the truth because we fear teaching people to sin. However, we also must acknowledge the fact that we live in a pornified culture, and our young people are often not as…

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