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  • Dr. Peter Kleponis

At a recent church gathering Paul, a young father, came up to me and asked how he can protect his children from pornography. I responded by asking him what he is doing to protect himself. Paul was surprised by my response because he was more concerned about his children than himself when it came to […]

  • Fr. Sean Kilcawley

I was recently interviewed by Patrick Coffin on Catholic Answers Live. It was a one hour show in which I took questions from people coming from different perspectives (spouses; individuals; parents). I hope this show will be a blessing to you.

  • Dr. Peter Kleponis

Overcoming pornography addiction begins with being totally honest about your addiction and exposing the lies. Addicts will often lie to themselves and others and hide their behaviors. This is done to maintain their addiction and to hide their shame. One of my clients, Josh, would downplay the seriousness of his addiction by telling him self […]

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How do I as a priest address porn from the pulpit? I don’t want to scandalize the young and innocent.

Addressing pornography, and all sexual sin, from the pulpit is definitely a daunting task. As priests, we stand in the tension between proclaiming the truth about the danger to souls posed by pornography and the fear of scandalizing those who are innocent. Sometimes we can even fail to teach the truth because we fear teaching people to sin. However, we also must acknowledge the fact that we live in a pornified culture, and our young people are often not as…

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