A Pornified Culture Will Mean Pornified Children

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A Pornified Culture Will Mean Pornified Children

Is porngraphy hidden in your home?

Since over 90% of teenagers have viewed porn, there’s a pretty good chance it is.

Much of this may be due to the fact that many of these children have phones at a very young age. “Elementary smartphone ownership” has risen to over 50%. What does this mean? It means that children as young as eight years old have free reign over a phone — which includes the ability to come across porn and the power to search for it.

By the time these kids are teenagers, a vast majority of them have seen porn and may become regular viewers. The evil of pornography has worked its way into the lives of our children, and the culture of the modern youth is built upon it.

Watching pornography takes away from healthy and fruitful activities that kids could doing, and instead will result in:

  • Mortal Sin
  • Spiritual Desolation
  • Emotional Emptiness
  • Intimacy Brokenness
  • A Mindset and Culture that will carry into future generations

"Pornography is the Devil’s iconography"
Fr. Seraphim Rose of Plantina

The use of pornography by our children is also causing a much deeper issue.

It is creating a twisted and skewed sense and understanding of sexuality in the minds, hearts, and souls of children. If not identified and treated properly, it will go on to affect the relationships between people for generations to come.

Luckily, there are many physical, spiritual, and technological ways we can overcome these issues and protect our children.

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