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Marriage: A Fight We Can Win!


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Fr. Sean Kilcawley

Fr. Sean Kilcawley graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1996 with a BS in Middle East Foreign Area Studies. After serving for three years as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army he entered St Gregory the Great Seminary in Seward Nebraska as a pre-theologian for the Diocese of Lincoln, NE. Fr Kilcawley earned a Masters of Divinity and a STB from St Charles Borromeo Seminary in 2005 and then served the diocese of Lincoln for four years as a High School teacher of religion and parochial vicar. In 2013, Fr Kilcawley completed an STL (summa cum laude) at the John Paul II institute for marriage and family in Rome. He currently serves as Diocesan Director of the Office of Family Life and Evangelization for the Diocese of Lincoln.

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Ken burkemper - July 4, 2015 9:15 am

Thank you father for your truth and wisdom. I have talk to young people every day about this and will never stop, but socitity beats me up at every chance. Stay strong with Gods love and we will succeed. Peace & love ken

Richard R - July 4, 2015 3:23 pm

Hello Father,

I was hoping you might be able to do a follow up article or just give a response as to why you think pornography is a greater danger to the family and marriage than homosexual relationships, the normalization of homosexuality as just who people are (rather than a serious effect of the fall), or the recent SCOTUS decision? I know all three of those might be larger than the intended scope of this piece, but I fail to see how they are less of a danger than pornography.

On one hand you have this.. “There are particular mortal sins that are so evil that they are said to be sins that cry to heaven for vengeance: murder (Gn 4:10), sodomy (Gn 17:20-21), oppression of the poor (Ex 2:23), and defrauding workers of their just wages (Jas 5:4).” That sounds like a normalization of any of these in society would be top priority for changing. But then you also see, among Catholics in the Lincoln diocese and elsewhere , but also throughout secular society, many people who wear “Porn is lame” shirts and are very vocal about their opposition to it. With homosexuality and active homosexual relationships, you most certainly don’t see public condemnation or t shirts labeling it as lame. Yet shouldn’t we be as sensitive to those who struggle with pornography as those who struggle with homosexuality?

Considering that Catholics and secular society both are increasingly condemning the viewing of pornography and masturbation, and yet we are almost all of us still hypersensitive to condemnation regarding homosexual practices, how is pornography a greater danger exactly?

Thank you for your time and the beautiful article.


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