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Jim O’Day

Speaking topics: Public Health & Pornography Use, Family Protection From Sexual Sin, Christian Sexual Integrity, How To Protect Your Business From Pornography Exposure, and more.

James “Jim” O’Day is a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in development and executive management. He has been a leader in the battle against pornography in our homes, schools, and society, studying evidence-based and biblically correct ways to fight against pornography. He can help your organization, parish, or community fight the harmful effects of pornography.

Mr. O’Day can speak on topics such as: workforce exposure to pornography (20% of men have viewed pornography at work!), a believer’s approach to sexual integrity, how to protect your family from pornography exposure, and the plague of pornography on our society.

Jim views his whole life as part of God’s plan for his current ministry. He has seen the devastating effects pornography has had on marriages, families, and our whole society. Rather than sit back and merely hope that pornography would simply go away, he decided to roll up his sleeves and work long hours to fight this mammoth industry. By the grace of God, he has seen marriages restored to true and beautiful trust and intimacy, he has seen priests become empowered to fight pornography in their parishes, and he has seen families saved from brokenness.

“It has really been a God journey, bringing me to this mission which I’m so passionate about. It seems like God used all my experiences- the good, the bad and the ugly- to bring me to this place where now, as Executive Director of Integrity Restored, I can help develop an apostolate that will bring hope and healing to so many suffering silently through the affliction of pornography.”

Schedule soon – our calendars are filling up. Request Jim O’Day today.

Jim O’Day is available to speak on a variety of topics. The following is a sampling of just a few of his talks.

Exposed: A company’s worst nightmare

Did you know your business was in the adult entertainment industry? Of course not, but your employees’ behaviors say it is. This talk helps understand the usage, cost and dangers of the porn epidemic in the workplace as well as helps create a corporate plan to respond to our increasingly pornified culture.

Sheepdog or Dawg? What do you want to be?

In this talk, Jim will lead you on a journey, where you ask yourself…Are you a “Sheep”, a DAWG, or a “Sheepdog”?

Sheep= clueless followers, not aware, disconnected
Wolves= prey on Sheep
DAWG= use female Sheep
Sheepdog= stand between the wolves, the DAWGs and the Sheep as a true protector and man of honor

So many of our ideas about manhood are disconnected from the reality of what we are called to do and who as men we are called to be.
Jim will share practical tips & tools to bring out your “inner sheepdog” and be the man God created you to be. This talk includes physical, emotional, and virtual (online) ways to be a “sheepdog”.

Faith of the Fatherless

A personal story of conversion, missteps, failures & faults, leading to a personal relationship with the Father as a beloved son and the journey to sexual integrity.



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