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DJ Hueneman

Speaking topics: Chastity, Theology of the Body, Youth Topics, Personal Conversion, and more.

DJ is a former firefighter and paramedic turned author and speaker. He has spoken nationally and internationally on the topics of pornography, Theology of the Body, chastity, and the Catholic faith. He currently serves as the Director of Chastity Education at Pregnancy Center East in Cincinnati, OH, where he lives with his wife and children. DJ is especially capable of connecting with youth and explaining Church teaching in a relatable way.

DJ ministry revolves around connecting the hearts of individuals with the heart of God. He has seen, over and over, how destructive sin can be, but more importantly how awful it is for Christians to try to hide their sin from God. Rather than repentance leading to shame and general “bad feelings,” DJ believes repentance should strengthen the heart and ultimately show us the unconditional love God has for us.

“I’m always amazed at the response from young people when the beauty of authentic love is unveiled before them. A teenage girl tearfully approached after I spoke in her school and shared with me the details of her failed suicide attempt. She expressed such gratitude that someone finally told her the truth about God’s plan for love. The tides of the culture are turning because the hearts of the youth are hungry for more than what the culture is offering.”

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