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Fr. Allen Hoffa

Speaking topics: “It Used to Be Drama and Now It’s Trauma” (for teens and parents); “Porn and the Confessional: a Theological Conversation” (priests); “Let the Children Come to Me” (grade school parents); “Pornography: It’s Not Just About the User” (priests, parents, and individuals); “Arming Yourself for Battle” (priests, parents, educators, and individuals).

“I try to speak directly to the heart of every young person. Young people often feel like God and His Church are out of touch with the modern world. By sharing my personal testimony and humor, I hope to invite them beyond the lie of pornography into the root of their desires, which is a desire for God.”

Fr. Allen Hoffa was trained for the priesthood at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Master of Divinity. He was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Allentown on June 6, 2009. During Fr. Hoffa’s priestly ministry he has served in a number of ministries including: Parochial Vicar, High School Chaplain, Catholic College Chaplain at Lehigh University, Director of the Diocesan Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry, and Catholic Youth Event Speaker and Worship Leader.

Fr. Hoffa was first connected with Integrity Restored in the Spring of 2016. In February 2017 Fr. Hoffa was appointed by his bishop, Bishop Alfred Schlert, to lead the Integrity Restored initiative in the Diocese of Allentown. To prepare for this ministry Fr. Hoffa was trained through the Integrity Restored Priest Intensive to assist those struggling with pornography in their life. Since that time Fr. Hoffa has worked with his bishop to develop a diocesan plan to address pornography for the faithful of his diocese at every level. This work has resulted in the Lumen Christi Commission in the Diocese of Allentown dedicated to bringing the faithful out of the darkness of pornography and back to the bright light found in Jesus Christ.

Fr. Hoffa also received training in the Spring of 2018 from Fr. Sean Kilcawley and Dr. Todd Bowman to be able to assist the Integrity Restored Team with Priest Intensives and Parish/Diocesan Events. Fr. Hoffa speaks to audiences of all levels. His most recent talk, “It Used To Be Drama and Now It’s Trauma” focuses on teen and parent tips and tools to remain steadfast amidst a culture overcome by the pornography industry. Fr. Hoffa is also available to work with diocese to develop their own pastoral plan to address the evils of pornography a diocese and its parishes.

When asked if he has hope for a shift away from throw-away culture, he said:

“I’m always amazed at the response from young people when the beauty of authentic love is unveiled before them. A teenage girl tearfully approached after I spoke in her school and shared with me the details of her failed suicide attempt. She expressed such gratitude that someone finally told her the truth about God’s plan for love. The tides of the culture are turning because the hearts of the youth are hungry for more than what the culture is offering.”

Schedule soon – our calendars are filling up. Request Fr. Allen Hoffa today.

Fr. Allen Hoffa is available to speak on a variety of topics. The following is a sampling of his talks.

It Used to Be Drama and Now It’s Trauma

This talk focuses on teen and parent tips and tools to remain steadfast amidst a culture overcome by the pornography industry.

Porn and the Confessional: A Theological Conversation

Fr. Hoffa gears this talk towards priests, helping them utilize a Catholic theological and merciful approach to the sins of pornography in their daily ministries…reconciliation, sacramental prep, spiritual direction, etc.

The Parish Siege

We have all heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” Nothing could be more true in our current age. Our faith teaches us that we are all members of the Body with Christ as our head. This is a reminder that we each have a part to play in one another’s lives as brothers and sisters in Christ. This talk will focus on a multitude of things we can all individually do and participate in when it comes to prevention, education, and intervention regarding pornography.



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