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Megan Murphy

Talk Titles: “Parenting in a Pornified World”; “What’s So Great About Porn?”; “Oh Happy Fault of Daddy”.

“I am a witness to hope in today’s hyper sexualized culture because I have been blessed to accompany a number of men and women from their lives of enslavement to pornography to new lives of freedom, recovery, happiness and chastity.”

At a variety of events for youth, adults, married couples, singles, men and women, Megan presents the Gospel in a way that engages her audiences and challenges them to live for Christ and His Church. With over 17 years of experience in public speaking, Megan will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as she shares, with humor and candor, her personal conversion story, her vast knowledge of Theology of the Body, and the lessons she has learned in her own pursuit of holiness.

Led down a path of darkness and unbelief in response to her father’s addictions, Megan ultimately turned her back on God for the empty pleasures of secular college life. Megan shares her conversion from those empty promises and pleasures of the world to the splendor of the Church’s truth. And through it all, she found the patient love of God in her friendship with the Blessed Mother, who revealed to her that God could lift up to genuine joy even those who seem unlikely to ever find it.

What can Megan offer a suffering individual, family, or parish? “For those suffering under the impossible weight of pornography addiction, my talk will offer them encouragement, hope, and some practical tools which will aid them in achieving recovery and freedom from pornography.”

Megan’s personal journey of recovery will inspire family members to believe that happiness and healing can be a reality for anyone living with a loved one’s addiction.

Schedule soon – our calendars are filling up. Request Megan Murphy today.

Megan Murphy is available to speak on a variety of topics. The following is a sampling of her talks.

Parenting in a Pornified World

A teenager’s struggle to remain pure is made harder than ever by our hyper sexualized culture. As parents, we have the most influential role in keeping our kids free from pornography. In this talk, Megan will offer helpful advice to parents on how to more deeply love and embrace the unique unrepeatability of each child they’ve been blessed with, as well as what practical steps they can take to keep their teen porn-free.

An extended version of this talk includes an introduction to John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

What’s so Great about Porn?

In this talk, Megan addresses the science of pornography addiction, its devastating effect on relationships, and practical tools for overcoming an addiction to pornography.

An extended version of this talk includes an introduction to John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

Oh Happy Fault of Daddy!

(A cautionary tale & story of encouragement for mature high school and college students)

God graced him with sobriety before he died, but for the better part of her life with him, Meg’s father was an alcoholic. Another tragic reality of their relationship was that once he suffered loss of self-control with alcohol, other disordered appetites followed, namely a pornography addiction. But even in this brokenness, God would triumph. How could so dark an addiction come back around to bless Megan? In this compelling talk, Meg tells her own story; a story not marked merely by her father‘s addiction to pornography, or even the profound woundedness she experienced because of it, but marked instead by the limitless, miraculous, redemptive power of her Heavenly Father and His healing of His little daughter.

An extended version of this talk includes an introduction to John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.



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